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Foundation of Sagar has been phenomenon since its inception in 1971 with profound dedication to serve the Textile industry.

When unexplored avenues were a far fetched thought for contemporaries Sagar ventured in depth into opening the unexplored market, and formed a base for textiles, and gradually got itself converted successfully into one of the biggest Textile Agency House in India with acute thirst for modernization & upgradation of textile technology.

With the privilege of being one of the foremost Companies in Textile field today, Sagar Group is poised to present itself very humbly as a "Global Indian Textile Conglomerate"

Extending facets beyond textiles to Global business, Sagar has over the years earned respect and name for its integrity amongst its Clients and Principals. Sagar values its association with topmost clients home and away.

With an insight for innovation, multitalented work force and young visionary in the Corporate hierarchy, Sagar feels that the journey has just begun.

Being able to source out modern, quality, very competitively priced products from more than 50 world reputed Principals in textile field from about 40 countries spread over 3 continents, Sagar is able to offer today various textile products under one roof with a transparent and well evolved marketing strategy with 9 branch offices in India and several Business Associates abroad.

After having achieved the distinction of being short listed as one of 'Fortune 500 Companies of Gujarat' , and with business career of more than three and half decades serving Textile Industry, Sagar does not wish to rest at its laurels, but still strives constantly to explore untouched shores of business

Sagar salutes all its valued Principals and Clients who are not only a glittering jewels on its crown, but also intangible assets and backbone for its eminent position today.

Finally, Sagar continues to nurture its vision and commitment to textile industry with the Art of spinning demand-supply, weaving buyer-seller relation for a finely woven fabric of "Customer care and satisfaction"



Upon inception, it was a passion to excel that made lay Foundation of one of the finest Business Houses of the country "SAGAR GROUP".

With passage of time, the Group attained its supremacy in textile trade, and today Sagar Group is a name synonymous to textile business as an end to end solution provider.

Be it Raw Cotton to Yarn, Textile Machinery or Accessories, Heavy Machinery to Industrial Projects, perhaps with maturity of time and experience, gamut of services gets added to Group’s portfolio like glittering jewels on a crown.

Sagar Group is inspired by depth of divine ocean and a leap to every sphere to go beyond obvious, and emerges supreme through exploration for revealing innovation in textile field.

Foundation of this "Vision" is based on creating a world class human resource with unflinching quest for achieving excellence, and quality for establishing the Group’s supremacy in textile trade.

The Group aims to positioning itself as a key force of global textile maestros targeting to open up new horizon for future of global textile industry through upgraded and innovated technology transfers, modern business process and benchmarking productivity.

With stringent monitoring of trade movements and developments, the Group is poised with a rich business culture for escalating its global hold.



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