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Expertise comes with experience. In the early eighties, global trading was not as easily accessible and viable as today, due to the unavailability of resources. Gradually, in the late 80's, trade expanded & with liberalization, the dynamics of the markets also changed. Amidst this transition, Sagar pioneered the concept of a buyers and sellers meet in the year 1982 which was first of its kind in India involving prominent figures, generating a tremendous exchange of knowledge and expertise across different service areas. This in turn gave new insights to the group to grow even at faster pace.

As the run continued at a fast pace, a simultaneous process of strengthening of existing areas & expansion of new avenues began at Sagar. The 90's witnessed the openness of the market and the glasnost with a new boom in trading too. Yet another unexplored shore & Sagar started rediscovering technology

The new millenium saw a new Sagar group who are now anchoring their avenues in different destinations worldwide. This has enhanced the international presence both, in the trading & manufacturing scenarios. Now the present vision & ambition are getting nurtured to prove the fact that no matter where it belongs, with whom it belongs, Sagar gets you everything under the sun & beneath the sea more efficiently & effectively then ever before.

Sagar group is now making its way towards new avenues. Sagar group has successfully completed denim textile projects in Bahrain, UAE, Mauritius & Bangladesh. It is also the first company in the whole of South East Asia to bring the technology of liquid ammonia treatment for fabric processing. Sagar group has begun browsing through all these sectors to excel.

To thrive with global benchmarking, since time immemorial, SAGAR GROUP has overcome all challenges with grit and today they are a force to reckon with in the field of textile verticals.

Laying stress on innovation, efficient technological processes and proficiency in time management, the group intends to become a hub for the textile trade nationally and globally.

From fibre to fabric, the group wants to exploit its vast experience and understanding of the market dynamics to accomplish bigger goals and stay on the forefront of the market.

Directly or indirectly in future to come, whenever you see a piece of apparel you are sure to witness the presence of SAGAR group. Thus our aim to nurture the textile revolution is all set to take off.



Growth is a hallmark of one's vision. At SAGAR we are trying to inculcate this philosophy in the entire organization, so that things not only get done but are done in double quick time with assured results.

To achieve optimum growth in the globalised economy one needs the latest technology. At Sagar, we constantly monitor latest international textile technology & with our wide international marketing network, we have been successful in bringing latest machine technology & trends in fibers, yarns & fabrics to our buyer's doorstep from all over the world.

Thus as we are growing, we aspire to see all our business associates grow and emerge leaders in their respective fields.

This the key to our growth & success, and for us the best is yet to come.


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