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Manufacturer of Air Lay Systems (Vertical and Horizontal) based on a new aerodynamic fibre batt formation system. Thanks to innovative process pressure control system, this new machine enables the formation of fiber batt ready for needle punching and / or thermo bonding process to produce end products used in Automotive, Agriculture, Home Furnishing, Building, Sound and heat proofing and packing material manufacture. This replaces the traditional mechanical process of carding and cross lapping for production of Non Woven Technical Textiles.

Complete opening and Blending lines for natural or man-made fibers, Wool Deburring lines, Cashmere and other fine animal fibers Dehairing, Complete Woolen Spinning lines for Weaving and Knitting Yarn production. Worsted and Semi-worsted Carding machines, Carding machines for Laboratory, Complete Nonwoven lines & Laboratory machinery.



Coating & Flocking Machines, Coagulation Lines & Finishing Lines For Coated Fabrics, Flocked Fabrics And Artificial Leather

With more than 40 years of experience AIGLE is one of the most experienced industrial companies involved in the production of machinery for synthetic leather and flocking. AIGLE is designing, manufacturing and selling flocking, coating and coagulation plants all over the world, from a turnkey basis down to small single plants for special equipment.



SANDO TECH, Inc. - Japan

SANDO TECH, Inc. is a World famous producer of number of dyeing and finishing machines like Gas Singeing machine ,Desizing, Scouring and Bleaching range , Mercerizer, Pad Steamer, Liquid Ammonia Treatment machine, PVA recovery machine etc. for Cotton, Synthetic fiber, Knitted fabrics, and Denim.



Zancaner - Italia

Established in the 60's, ZANCANER has been devoting its efforts to meet requests and requirements about automation within textile, manufacturing industry & warehousing. They are world famous for offering full-automated plants for handling and packaging of every kind of cone or bobbin including labeling, boxing machines and systems for humidification as well.



Iberlaser Inc. - Spain

Iberlaser Inc. is a world famous laser cutting & engraving machines. The Machines have complete quality control in design & Performance. Machines are designed to be durable, efficient & to offer excellent results. The laser tubes are able to work in different surfaces like PVC, wood, paper, carton, textile fabric etc. Moreover the machines are able to adapt and work with embroideries, cutting markers.



H-Fang Inc. - China

H-Fang Inc. is a world famous producer of Compact Spinning Series. An ISO 9001 Certified Company has 50 national patents for utility mode, 7 patents for innovation & 3 software copyrights the company produces 1.3 million per year. Compact spinning devices being one of the main products has monopolized Chinese market and exploited international market year after year.

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